Monday, November 18, 2013

50 Reasons That I Am (Apparently) Unlovable (In Any Way)

1) I am fat. 
2) I am ugly. 
3) I like to think I can write well, but I really can't. 
4) I am not funny. 
5) I am a pushover. 
6) I am also selfish, despite the contradiction. 
7) I get overly emotional at times. 
8) I grew up so fast that I am too mature. 
9) I'm 26 and don't even have a career. 
10) I have bad teeth. 
11) I have hair in places that women aren't really supposed to. 
12) I have trust issues. 
13) I have Daddy issues. 
14) Also, commitment issues. 
15) I can't sing (especially when I think I can). 
16) I don't exercise. 
17) I'm shy. 
18) I have low self-esteem. 
19) I have fat fingers. 
20) I don't have many friends. 
21) I am a burden on people. 
22) I'm in love with someone who barely knows I exist. 
23) I whine about the fact that I'm in love with someone who barely knows I exist. 
24) I'm messy. 
25) I procrastinate. 
26) I'm lazy. 
27) I have ugly feet. 
28) I'm poor. 
29) I'm not spontaneous at all. 
30) I'm closer to my best friend's kids than my own niece. 
31) I like to be right all the time. 
32) I'm thinking of continuing a relationship with someone I don't really like because I don't think anyone else will like me. 
33) Ive been having trouble reconciling my beliefs with my faith. 
34) I resent my dad for leaving and sometimes feel like it's was my and my siblings' fault. 
35) I think having us kids ruined my parents' lives. 
36) I may not be able to have kids and it's my own fault. 
37) I hate calling or talking to strangers (like waiters or service people). 
38) I can be a good liar when I want to be. 
39) I ruined my friendships with my high school best friends.
40) I react unfairly to my sister sometimes then regret it later. 
41) I react fairly to my sister sometimes then regret it later. 
42) I can be dense when it comes to social cues. 
43) I like board games where I can show off how smart I am. 
44) I'm competitive. 
45) I can never think of what I want to say in an argument or debate until way after it's over. 
46) I have boring hair and eyes. 
47) I can't make decisions. 
48) I don't really care about green technology. 
49) I want a fairy tale romance but I want to be treated like an equal. 
50) I made this list. 

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